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Below is a list of sites that LJ Web Services has created and/or currently maintains. Details on each specific project will be added soon. IN the meantime, if you own a small business in OH or PA and need a Web site developed or just need some to perform your maintenance, contact LJ Web Services today.

Project Focus - VanDelay Sports

The VanDelaySports.com project included the development of an entire Web strategy for the site which we have explained below in phases.


Phase I - Improve Organic Search Ranking
Prior to LJ Web Services work with VanDelaySports.com, the site did not have a very strong presence in the "Big 3 " Search Engines (Google, Yahoo & MSN). Our goals were to improve several keyword rankings and expand the number of keywords that could have a high rank and visibility in the Search Engines. More on this topic can be found below in Phase V.

Phase II - Redesign
While VanDelay Sports did have a nice following prior to our work with it, nobody will argue that it needed a new, fresh look. A complete redesign of the site and design of a new logo has given the site a more professional look & feel while improving usability.

Phase III - Increase Traffic
Like we stated before, VanDelaySports.com had a fairly strong following receiving a couple hundred page views each day prior to LJ Web Services being hired to work on the site. Part of our motivation was to increase the site's traffic so that we could have enough of a following to host ads on the site. While promotion on several Mid-American Conference message boards has been a large part of the traffic increase, we have seen an increase of over 500% since we began our work with the site.

Phase IV - Host Advertising to Generate Income
For over six years prior to our working with VanDelaySports.com the site's owner did not make a penny off of the site. While it was not a main goal for his site, he did want to cover the cost of the domain name and monthly Web hosting fees. After the traffic increase on the site we were able to work with online ad companies to host advertisements on the site and now all of VanDelaySports.com's site costs are being covered. We have since added other targeted clients and are looking to expand the targeted sports ads and eliminate the Web-based advertising to better serve our users.

Phase V - Drive New Traffic to the Site
While Phase V is an ongoing project, it has been extremely successful thus far. We have not only talked about the site on other college sports message boards, but we have also purchased several pieces of advertisement online to help promote the site and drive new traffic to VanDelaySports.com.

The biggest key to driving new traffic to the site has been our Search Engine Optimization work for VanDelaySports.com. The increased focus on ethical SEO best-practices has multiplied the number of visitors who find VanDelay Sports via Search Engine.

Phase VI - Increase Depth of Site
One of the first things I noticed when evaluating the VanDelay site was that there were several external links and not enough original content. The average number of page views per visitor prior to the redesign was 2.27. Since the redesign however the number of page views per visitor has increased with 4.10 page views per visitor during the 1st Quarter of 2006. Continued Web maintenance and updates have since made the site even stickier and deeper for users.

VanDelay Sports covers Mid-American Conference sports including MAC football & MAC basketball news Mid-American Conference sports message boards and mac football recruiting information and more.

Big 12 Sports Fans

Big12-fans.com is an idea that came up in email conversation with Michael, a University of Oklahoma student, who I met on the Internet while talking sports. He wanted to make a Big XII Conference sports fan site and he liked my work with the VanDelaySports.com site so we teamed up with two others and created Big12-fans.com. I designed the logos and non-advertising graphics for the entire site, implemented the Javascript ad code, the PHP bulletin board code and added the Team Fan Shop graphics. I now manage and oversee the entire site with the help of Michael and make ocassional updates when needed. We launched the site in mid-October of 2005 and have experienced tremedous growth thanks to our Google and Yahoo Marketing efforts and strong Search Engine rankings considering the site is brand new. Current maintenance is based on new articles and blog posts.

Big12-fans.com is for Big 12 sports fans covering Big 12 football, Big 12 basketball and Big 12 baseball.


Intimidation Clothing

IntimidationClothing.com - Intimidation Clothing is a new brand of MMA & boxing inspired apparel brought to you by the owners of ProFighting-fans.com and marketed exclusively by LJ Web Services, LLC. With a focus on great products at affordable prices, Intimidation Clothing has quickly become known for their MMA t-shirts & MMA hoodies and has utilized the marketing expertise from LJ Web Services for SEO, PPC, print advertising, banner advertising social media and more.

Pymatuning Valley Local Schools

PVSchoolDistrict.org - LJ Web Services handled the complete design and developement of the Pymatuning Valley Local Schools Web site from the initial strategy and planning to the monthly maintenance. Located in Andover, Ohio, near the PA border, the Pymatuning Valley Local School District is a k-12 educational institution.

Pro Fighting Fans

ProFighting-fans.com.com - In a very short amount of time Pro Fighting Fans went from being a brand new site to a leading provider of the top MMA news available online. By joining forces with Scott Dryden of The Triangle Choke, Pro Fighting Fans has utilized Scott's knowledge of the MMA industry with the SEO services of LJ Web Services to pull in an average of over 40,000 unique visitors a month consistently.

Ohio University Marching 110 - The Most Exciting Band in the Land! LJ Web Services designed and managed the 110's Web site from 1997 through 2002 for free before passing the maintenance on to a Ohio University student in 2002.

OUMB Society of Alumni & Friends - LJ Web Services designed and managed the OUMBSAF's Web site from 1999 through 2004 for free before passing it on to another Ohio University alumnus to manage the day-to-day maintenance.


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